The whole world is now in danger of global warming, not the future(it is not so futuristic), it is now. Heatwaves are becoming more commonplace with temperatures soaring, it has never been more urgent to tackle climate change. Our recent heat waves throughout the world are an aggressive reminder of what we are doing. The pitched battles over every square kilometer in the Amazon area would in earlier ages have been an ecumenical issue: it would have taken the resolution of Western leaders, including the most powerful man on Earth, Donald Trump, to coordinate action to save the rainforest, which is one of the earth’s super lands.

For example, look at what is happening in Bangalore, around the water crisis. Bangalore was once known as the Garden City but is now sitting on a major problem of water scarcity with residents finding it difficult to get clean drinking water. Global warming and extinction of groundwater reserves, along with unseasonal rain, has only worsened the situation here. A stark reminder for all of us to acknowledge the dire need for sustainable water management solutions. 

For many people, the water crisis is a daily reality in Rajasthan. Due to limited freshwater availability, people in Rajasthan have to face many difficulties and destitution. Rising temperatures due to climate change have exacerbated this, increasing the rate of evaporation and putting more stress on already scarce water supplies. We need to concentrate on water conservation and also offer equal share of such a basic necessity.

What all this amounts to: at the risk of joining the apocalyptic chorus about global warming, recent catastrophes, like hurricanes and floods and droughts, might well elide into the sort of reality that will confront us all. Such events destroy not only forests, communities, and ecosystems, but demonstrate the urgent responsibility for concrete climate action.

So then what the hell do we do to save the entire planet supported by a false reality? Among them, creating Simple yet innovative measures we all can easily fit in our everyday schedules. One of the simplest solutions is to plant trees.

As natural carbon sinks, trees play a role in removing carbon dioxide from the air and in that way reducing the impacts of climate change. We can combat climate change by planting trees in our cities and saving our forests, EventManager.

A new revelation coming from seaweeds is the pivotal role they are playing in the fight against global warming due to their impressive carbonation sequestration prowess. In the past few years, the Indian state of Odisha has come up with new ideas regarding the usage of the beach; the initiative to farm seaweed to moderate global warming. Seaweeds use carbon dioxide at a much higher rate as compared to the land plants and thus help in minimizing the effects of greenhouse gasses which are a major factor causing global warming. In addition, they contribute to the increase of marine species by hosting a number of marine species, as well as serving as a source of food for such species. The seaweed farming activities are not only spearoned as anti climate change measures but they are also economically benefactory to the poor people of Odisha in terms of job creation. This approach is rightly in tandem with the concept of resilience being followed across the globe in the utilization of nature to tackle environmental issues. Thus, by focusing on seaweeds and their processes in Odisha, other regions should follow the example of how to stand up against the worsening of climate change.

A Key Step Is Transitioning To Sustainable Solutions Including Solar Energy, Wind Energy Etc. For instance, while fossil fuels bring about greenhouse gas emissions and augment climate change, renewable sources of energy are clean, and sustainable alternatives. We need to replace a lot of our investment in fossil fuel based infrastructure with new infrastructure that provides us with access to the renewable energy we need, and encourage policy that supports the adoption of more sustainable sources of energy.

Walking, cycling, or using public transportation, etc. as much as possible also contributes to this, as carbon emissions are a large part of the problem when it comes to climate change. In the same way, for example if we start practicing energy-efficient technologies in our homes or offices it can decrease a huge amount of carbon produced in making our atmosphere cool and keeping our home hot in the chilling cold then we all can sail the same boat to the future of our planet.

Increased education and awareness about all aspects of climate change is again another very important element in the battle against climate change. The more we voice to the world the problems from global warming and we make few actions to protect our community from it, the higher probability that we could correct ourselves on the way to save our mother earth for our future children.

Nowadays it is necessary to save our planet for our future generation. Our organization is doing this by teaching organic farming to village women. We are also working for girls education, women empowerment and youth empowerment. You can also join our movement by donating to us. Our organization is the best NGO in Alwar, Rajasthan. Visit our website for more information. Contact us on this no. +91 9414857385  to know more about our cause.

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