COVID-19 Intervention

COVID-19 Intervention

The Covid-19 pandemic, has affected the lives of some of the most vulnerable communities across the country, such as Slums, Bagger, Street children, migrant laborers, waste pickers, single mothers, artisans and sex workers. It is to cushion the impact of the crisis on these sections, To help them spectra organization took initiative from the ground level, a group of member and our whole team working for them tirelessly we all worked towards this cause and one important things is that when we served Mask, Gloves, Sanitizer, Tea between police force, foods between poor and marginalized community, rationing kit between slums, rural poor people health and safety guidelines while disseminating the material. In this initiative have worked with the rural villages with the help of Govt. PRI bodies and other local administrative.

Students from our learning centers along with their teachers have prepared different posters for their community, with the aim to aware people for maintaining the Covid-19 safety measures.

During the pandemic period we have reached more than 1 lac. families through our different activities.

Awareness social distancing- 72980
Awareness handwash practice - 70648
Distribution of Mask- 21975
Distribution of Sanitizer- 6834
Distribution of Ration Kit- 2480
Distribution of readymade food- 8170
Distribution of breakfast- 8515
Distribution of thermometer- 35
Distribution oximeter- 19
Distribution of hand gloves- 1385

Total reached people- 193041