SHGs for sustainable water resource management and Restoration of water resource’ in association with CSR-

The women in the SHGs formed by SPECTRA were mobilized, trained and supported to understand their role as primary water Decision makers and in being the potential change maker. In this regard, project ‘SHGs for sustainable water resource management and Restoration of water resource’ was initiated. To understand the current scenario household survey was conducted by team SPECTRA at the targeted villages to carry out the initiative. Following which, with the support of technical experts and suggestions from various stakeholders, constructions of two water reserve have been completed at Dhadikar and Hazipur Villages of Umren Block of Alwar District, Rajasthan. The construction of two water reserve was completely led by total 102 women from the SHGs under SPECTRA Organization (58 women in Dhadikar and 44 in Hazipur). This in turn helped them to earn a living as well as a sense of ownership has been instilled as they have been involved in the entire procedure of establishing the water Reserve.

Eco Talent Hunt

Spectra has started this project in April 2019 in which 450 young change makers were selected for the continuation of old traditional practices by teaching them about eco-exploration, eco-innovation and eco-design through Youth campaign, Studio Next Training and Consultant Workshop. Various experts from different fields (NGOs, Schools, Institution etc.) participated and shared their experience which worked as a tonic for young change makers, under this project SPECTRA prepared 45 fellows for taking regular follow up the activities after the completion of project .