Meet Our Board Team

Pradeep Singh Pundhir

Mr. Pradeep Singh Pundhir is a renowned social activist and founder person of Spectra Organization. He is continually working to promote women empowerment in the areas of Rural Rajasthan.

Kusum Lata Chauhan

Mrs. Kusum Lata Chauhan - She is a Working as an advocate- with an urge to be helpful to anyone seeking help.

Govind Singh Yadav

Mr. Govind Singh- He is a young development professional with a dream to help the Society.

Rajni Singh Rajwat

Mrs. Rajni Singh Rajwat is a renowned social activist and working as a health professional in Government Health Department.

Ramesh Meena

Mr. Ramesh Meena- He is professional and social activist working with a dream to give rural children the best education.

Mahesh Chauhan

Mr. Mahesh Chauhan - He is a renowned social who worked in this area for rural people.