Girl Child Education program

Spectra is rigorously working on Education Currently under the project “Girls Education Program” in association with IIMPACT 142 centres are functioning both in Rajasthan and in Haryana with 1976 students in Alwar and 2153 students in Nuh Mewat. The selection of the villages for the centres is according to the requirement of educational support in Government schools of that locality. There are some primary issues like low girls’ enrolment, lack of female teachers in Govt. schools, Single school teacher, and high dropout rate of student which voice the requirement of the projected support.

Different Activities of Learning Centers-

To make the learning centers more effective we use to follow a daily routine within the centers. Including these, the overall activities of the program are-

• Teachers’ Training- In learning centers there are total 4 level in per class, up to class five. On a quarterly basis teachers are provided 5 days training for each level.
• Monthly Teachers’ meeting.
• Preparation of study circle for the children.
• Important day’s celebration, like- Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Children’s Day, Teachers’ Day, New Year, Janmasthami and other.
• Organizing Annual Game and Sports Day for the children of learning center.